Writing for GigCraft FAQ

What are you looking for?

Informative or entertaining articles on some part of the whole ‘playing live’ experience. This can be on any of a wide range of topics, be it equipment reviews, war stories, how-to’s, articles on why you made the choices you did for your gigging rig, you name it. And not just about the technical nuts and bolts, either. If you have things to say about marketing, promotion, building your own website, how to gather a following, graphics design… that you think would be useful to share, we’re all ears. Basically – anything that relates to being better at the whole package of getting up on stage in front of an audience that are there to see you.

How good does my writing need to be?

If you can be entertaining and literate, so much the better. We do expect a certain minimum degree of literacy, but we’re quite happy to sub-edit and proof your pieces before they go live.

What do I get out of it?

Right now? Nothing except seeing your article published. If GigCraft takes off as we hope it will, it’s likely that we will run (strictly relevant if at all possible) adverts to cover  hosting costs, in which case any excess will be shared between authors pro rata to some measure of their contribution. [Either simply one share per article, or possibly one share per page view.]

What do I do if I want to write?

Drop editor@gigcraft.org a mail, with an idea of what you want to write about and maybe a short sample of your writing. We’ll be in touch.

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